Can't Find the Time to Fix Up Your House?

Can't Find the Time to Fix Up Your House?

Hand over your to-do list to the pros

Over the years, your kids and pets have wreaked havoc on your home. Restore your house to its former glory with the help of the skilled team at H&A Maintenance Services, LLC. From patching up holes in drywall and replacing doorknobs to painting the interior and removing popcorn ceilings, we offer a wide range of handyman services. No matter how run-down your house appears now, we can make it look like new again.

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3 good reasons to hire a professional handyman

Although you keep saying that you'll get around to completing home repairs, you never seem to find the time. Cross home repairs off your to-do list by turning to H&A Maintenance Services.

You'll benefit by:

  • Saving time and money
  • Avoiding potential injury
  • Increasing the value of your home

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