Make a Small Change to Create a Big Impact

Make a Small Change to Create a Big Impact

Enhance your rooms by replacing well-worn floors

After being stomped on by high heels, soccer cleats and dog nails, it's no surprise that your floor shows signs of wear and tear. Don't allow your scratched floor to degrade the look of your house-the dedicated team at H&A Maintenance Services, LLC can replace it. You won't have to worry about a thing-we'll take care of all the details, from ripping out the existing flooring to installing a new, attractive material.

Contact us today to get an estimate on your floor replacement.

Learn about popular hardwoods

Are you thinking of using hardwoods in your home? The skilled team at H&A Maintenance Services can do the installation.

We work with all kinds of wood products, including:

  • Oak. You'll love not having to worry about these easy-to-maintain floors.
  • Maple. This durable material will last for decades to come.
  • Bamboo. Known for being eco-friendly, bamboo is also popular for its water-resistance.

Call now to speak with a flooring specialist about your home improvement needs. We're always happy to answer your questions.